Be Debt Free!

Let me share some valuable information with you about us; this way you’ll have a good idea of what we can do. Here at TAX&MORE, INC.we can help people, just like you,

with your UN-SECURED debts-accounts such as credit cards, department stores,

personal loans, medical bills, and collections……

  • Consolidate bills into one monthly payment
  • Reduce monthly payments
  • Reduce/Eliminate harassing creditor phone calls
  • Lowering of monthly finance charge (APR),
  • Stop all late and / or over the limit fees
  • Keep credit rating in good standing or rebuild credit
  • Mayority of creditors bring accounts current (re-age process)
  • Improve chances of getting a loan
  • Pay off debt quickly and learn how to stay debt free
  • Enjoy having a leading financial consulting company on call
  • Understanding your debt & how you acquired it
  • One on one budgeting / counseling with an appointed counselor
  • Financial Education

Please feel free to contact us for a free Consolidation.